A Little Bit Off / The Aftermath

My hyper pop single “A Little Bit Off” is pure entertainment, it’s a super fun song with a great beat that I had a lot of fun recording.

Here’s one thing I’ve learned about healing… We like to talk a lot about boundaries but not necessarily what they mean when it comes to following through. You can set all the boundaries you want when it comes to what you require from people, what you deserve, what you will and won’t tolerate but you also have to be willing for the response (spoken or not) to be “I can’t” or “I’m not willing” or “I don’t know how.”

Then you can re-evaluate your boundary if necessary but I hope you always choose YOU. What is meant for you will stay, always.

The counterpart, "A Little Bit Off (the aftermath)," explores the message in a new way.

Mental Health.
And the human journey of purpose and self worth.

I believe there is a time for art to be entertainment and there is a time for art to be a message. Throughout my career, I have always tried to find a balance in creating both. It all comes together in the music video we've put together for The Aftermath.

“You’ve been a little bit distant,
you’ve been a little bit inconsistent,
a little bit different,
a little bit off”

As much as I have said and felt this words about people I’m close to, these words have also been said to me. Many times. I have a habit of pulling away, of retreating, of going into self protection mode when things are uncomfortable and life feels hard.

It was important for me to release two drastically different versions of this song. One that lives in a space of sweet pop love confusion and the other that is bare-boned insanity. I hope both versions resonate with you in one way or another.

Love, Theo

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