Theo Tams is rediscovering his identity as an artist. With his recently released 4th  ”Trilogy” EP, the Canadian singer/songwriter demonstrates a remarkable command of R&B-laced pop music, his silky tenor the unwavering guiding light. What is most in evidence since 2018’s Call the Doctor, is his fearlessness to cannonball right into fresh sonic waves. Songs like “Therapy,” “Jekyll Hyde Love” and Tongue Tied accentuate this cosmic personal shift. The music drowns the senses, oozing with intimate lyrics and style.

Growing up in a fairly strict reformed Christian household in Coaldale, Alberta, Tams discovered a natural inclination towards music while attending church. Towards the end of the 2000s, Tams’ life changed, first through coming out to his parents and then by winning Canadian Idol. Having released his debut album in 2009, as well as several EPs in recent years, Tams struggled navigating a post-Idol image and harboured a desire to branch out in his work.

Now, Tams is unapologetically himself and it would seem that he has finally found his place in the world.

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