Uncovered (Vol 1)

I was actually in the process of trying to find wedding music for my upcoming wedding in the summer and I realized just how little music there is out there that is specifically for the 2SLGBTQ community. So many amazing love songs are gendered in some way, it’s a guy clearly singing about a girl or a girl clearing singing about a guy. "Cowboy Take Me Away" has always been a favourite of mine, and I love how The Chicks have been pushing boundaries their entire career, thought it would be cool to do a queer take on this iconic country tune.

When we were producing these versions, we called these “two take covers," which means that the lead vocal is done in only two takes. As someone who always tries to deliver a strong vocal I find sometimes the magic is lost when we do too much “cut and paste” in the studio, so with these covers I really wanted to make sure that we weren’t losing the emotion or the story in these tunes by chopping a lead vocal.

I am not a fan of sappy lyrics at all, but "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" is one that just sits with me. Sometimes, something so simple can seem profound. I love that The Beatles didn’t try to overcomplicate the song lyrically -- it’s just a sweet love letter. It doesn’t need to be flushed out with metaphors or poetic prowess, it can just be as simple as “I wanna hold your hand.”

And lastly, for "Feels Like Home," I wanted to share my version of this classic Randy Newman song. Altogether, it feels like a sweet trio of love songs that I would love to share with my fiance, and to our community.

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